The CC Experience

If you want people to stare at your feet, let me advise you to get yourself a pair of CHANEL espadrilles. That is, if you can get your hands on one! The world-wide sold out, supposedly overrated shoe of the season made in into my closet, and here’s how that all went down.

She: „Well, we only have one pair left in the back. It’s a size 40, black leather. Do you want me to get them for you?“ 

Me: „Uhhmmm, yeah, sure.“ („Didn’t plan on getting the leather ones, too much money, not worth it. I’ll just try them on, they probably won’t fit anyways“)

She: „Here you go sweety.“ 

Me: (to myself) „ohhh my gawd, they fit. shit, shit, shit, why do they fit? whyyyyy? They’re so comfy, omg they look so cool. Whyyyy?“ 

She: „How do they fit?“

Me: „Uhm. perfect I guess.How much are they?“

She: „bleeeeeeeep“ (A LOT OF MONEY)

Me: „okay, great.“ (to myself: S H I T, what do I dooooo?!) „Can I think about it for an hour and come back?“

She: „Sure, we close at 6.“ 

DUH, obviously I had pretty much made up my mind when I walked out of that store, if anything it was just for dramatic purposes (and to prove the last shred of common sense to my mother).


First of all: I can completely understand why you would think that it’s insane to pay such an amount of money for espadrilles. Second of all: I can, however, also understand why you would want to have them on your feet.

I never do impulse buys, so this one definitely wasn’t a purchase out of the blue. I’ve been meaning to get my hands on the mesh version of the Chanel espadrilles for a while now, but since they’re last season, not only don’t they get produced anymore but they’re also sold-out. Like completely sold-out. ALL. OVER. THE. WORLD! Needless to say, the nice sales-lady at the Chanel store in Munich had no shoes, but a lot of pity and nervous laughter left for me. Knowing that I would go to New York, I decided that it would be destiny if I could get them there – if not in NYC, where would you get them?!

After visiting all the Barney’s, Saks, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman’s of the world, and collecting more than one nicely-meant „You should check eBay“, I almost gave up – until I went to my final destination, the Chanel Store in Midtown. They didn’t have any espadrilles out in store, but I asked anyways – proving that sometimes all it needs is to A-S-K.

They had one pair, size 40, black leather. It was crazy. It was fate. I was meant to buy them. Right? At least that’s what I tell myself every day. I mean, they’re CHANEL. I paid for my first CHANEL purchase on! my! own! And frankly, I don’t regret a single dime.




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