NYC Stories #1

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A wise woman once said, „You’re never alone in New York. The city is your date.“ Ok, that wise woman was Carrie Bradshaw, but that it’s the message that counts, right? Having lived in NYC for almost a month now (boy, time really does fly), I can definitely agree on that! In the city that never sleeps, you’re never alone. In fact, being surrounded by millions of people each and every day almost makes being alone appear like a gift. When I first came here I thought that it might get lonely at times, but truth is, you rarely ever get the chance. Whenever I have some free hours, I love walking around my neighborhood to get a coffee or just explore the streets of New York – there’s always something great to see! People watching is so much fun, because there honestly is no other place in the world that just lets you be your crazy, unique self – New York doesn’t judge! When I sat on top of the Rockefeller Center 3 weeks ago, I grasped how crazy it is that we really are just a tiny piece of something great. The city is full of characters, and only after these few weeks here I’ve already learned to be less judgmental – after all, we pass so many people every day without having a clue about what there story might be like. Couples, families, friends and singles – happy, sad, angry, so many emotions in New York’s streets – some of them might be lonely, but they sure are never alone. x – Anni

P.S.: When you want to know more about the people of New York, make sure to check out Humans of New York (also on Facebook and Instagram). The stories that Brandon gets out of these people are amazing, and it gives me goosebumps every time.

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