Poolside & Palmtrees


ALEXANDERWANGXHM shirt // ZARA shorts // CHOIES shoes // MINUSEY bag // RAYBAN sunglasses // MAC lipstick

Hey Superstars, here’s the second set of images I shot with my sister before heading out to dinner the other night! You might have seen on my Instagram that I went a little overboard with the WANG X HM collection in November, but I honestly didn’t regret a single piece I got so far – nor will I probably ever! I loved the black cut-out tunic/shirt/dress so much that one of my girls got it for me in white as well (and for 75% off non the less – yup, she’s awesome!). I had an almost exact lookalike on my Stylight wishlist for ages, which was probably 10 times the price, so excuse while I will stay obsessed with it forever now that I can call it mine! The last days of our time in Sanya have started, and tomorrow is NYE already – how the hack did that happen so fast? I should probably get started on my list of resolutions for 2015, any suggestions? X



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