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FOREVER21 dress // ZARA shoes // H&M hat // MICHAEL KORS bag // RAYBAN sunnies 

Happy Humpday, lovelies! After I spent the most of my part stuck in the library working on my thesis, I decided it was time to share the next outfit from my vacation with you and give a little heads up! I kinda had to take the last two days off from writing because I was so incredibly jetlagged that I’m sure only my body was awake at times. But as this month is packed with to-do’s and one HUGE event coming up, I needed to get back in gear as of today! Now I can’t wait to cuddle back into my sheets and watch a movie or a tv-show and just relax! Speaking of, I’m working on a list of shows/ movies/ books and other popculture stuff that I want to read and watch this year, any recommondations?!

Anyways, before I doze off some quick words about the outfit: Svenni and me shot these pics on New Year’s Eve before getting ready for dinner on one of the hotel balconys, so that explains the ocean view ;) I bought this dress back when I was studying in California, and you might even remember the blogpost I did wearing it – so funny looking at it now! I decided to bring it back outta the closet and paired it with my favorite ZARA-sale-shoes and a hat! Since I suck at packing and already had a bazillion kilos with me anyways, I could only bring one back that didn’t quite match the dress, so I stole my big sister’s Michael Kors bag. She’s OBSESSED with MK, and while I must say I’ve never been the biggest fan of his designs, I really like this baby-version of the classic Selma bag! Might just steal it some more in the future now that she’s moving in with me! ;) Hope you like the pictures & have a great rest of the weekend! X




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  1. Carmen 11. Januar 2015 / 00:49

    omg giiiiiiirl <3 you look gorgeous!! loooove the mini MK and your hair is to die for :) cant wait to see you in 2 weeks, eeeek!!!

    lots of loooooove xx

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