Friends in Higher Places


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WE.RE pantdress // ALEXANDER WANG rockie bag // ZARA shoes // RAYBAN clubmaster sunnies

I know I promised that these pictures would be up way earlier, and I probably started putting together this post at least three times already. Truth is, I also promised that I would be blogging as long as I would have a story to tell. I guess I have been waiting for that story – and here it goes!

Ever since I got back from New York, I was in over my head with classes, my thesis and work. These past months have been manic, and I decided to figure out what i wanted to once all the madness was over. To follow through with that, I stopped blogging – to see if I really wanted to continue, and if so, to which extend. I’m going to be real honest right now, there were multiple times in the past few weeks when I decided to stop all together. As someone who’s seen both sides, both blogging myself and working with bloggers, I’ve also experienced the good and the bad, and kind of developed a feeling of where this concept of social influencing might be going in the future. I though I had to make a decision – but then again, who says I can’t do both? After all, I had to remind myself that I was never in it to win it. I started little L&L as my personal social diary, to flourish my passion for writing, to have fun with photography and my personal style, to leave my comfort zone, and to share my superficial popculture obsessions with whoever decides to obsess with me. If there’s even just one person out there who genuinely enjoys reading what I have to say, so be it – one is enough for me! That’s what many people tend to forget, because it’s hard to show you’ve tried unless you end up succeeding (big time!).

As Ive now finished my degree and like a lost little fishy was set free into the sea, the big and bad „what now?“ has been dangling over my head. I’ve always been a planner, and I’ve always known my next step, so not knowing kind of drives me insane. If you’re like me, let me tell you this: it’s okay not to know, it’s okay to be lost, and if you have no clue where you’re going, it’s also okay so sit down on your way to the finish line and just stay put for a while – you’ve got a long run ahead! A no can turn out to be the best yes you’ve never gotten, and a path not taken can lead to the roadtrip of a lifetime.

It’s only in hindsight that we can point, as easily as finding a town on a map, to the moments that shaped us – the moments when choices between yeses and noes determined the people we became.

Chelsey Philpot – Even in Paradise

So now that I have no clue where I’m going to be, it helps to know who I intend to become. I’m constantly surrounded by so many badass girls working incredibly hard and believing in what they’re doing, it’s impossible not to be infected by their passion. Like the title of this post already says, it helps to have friends in higher places.

These gals are my daily reminder that good things come to those who work their asses off! Little Carmen is designing her first coat collection, one which I couldn’t be more excited and proud of.  My insanely talented friends of WE.RE are creating their second collection,  and I think the pantdress that I’m sporting in this post is prove enough of how unique and special they are as designers. I’m already dying to see what they have in store for us! My STYLIGHT family is continuing some serious girl-power, and my little gang spread all over the world is being awesome (as per usual).

Last but not least, shoutout to my little sis who kicked me in the but to finally write this post and get into gear again – this is why I need to have her around at all times! She shot these pictures in one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever been to, the Ritz-Carlton Sanya, Yalong Bay, back when we were celebrating the birthday of the main girlboss inspiration of my life – my mum! LOVE! xx

P.S.: If you’ve actually made it this far, thanks for bearing with me – I love you guys!



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