THOMAS SABO_charm bracelet & necklace (via Christ)

DKNY_watch (via Christ)

HRH COLLECTION_necklace & bracelets (Micro Dauphines / Metallic Coco)

H&M_shirt (old)

Here’s a thing about me: I’m not a jewelry person. As much as I love shopping, styling and experimenting with clothes, I’ve just never developed the same kind of devotion when it came to playing around with bling (if you know what I mean). For example, I never, ever wear earrings. Sure I got my ears pierced when I was about 8 years old, but throughout the past couple of years I simply stopped wearing any (trust me, some girls have looked at me in shock over that revelation). I do buy some cool pieces here and there, none of which last me a lifetime – because I’ve realized that at the end of the day, I gravitate towards wearing those already in my drawer. The ones who’ve been there for a while, and the ones with an emotional meaning behind them.

Take my watch for example: it might sound funny, but I never really got the concept of wearing a watch (much less investing in one) until I realized that, well, everyone else was wearing one. I guess as a high-schooler with legitimately no income spending money on being on time is simply not in the cards. Luckily my grandparents have this thing that they want to buy all of their grandchildren their first real watch – so I got my DKNY Chronograph, felt pretty well put together, and never took it off again! I was 16 at the time, which is a shocking 7! years ago, and as shocking as it may seem we went to an actual Christ store to buy it!  I remember that it took me about two minutes because I exactly knew what I was looking for…oh the good old days! Remember my surprise when I just found almost the exact same model in their online store! And not just that – just looking at the selection and all the pretty watches at their online store now makes me want to splurge on more! Ticketi-tock! 

Speaking of splurging, just looking at my charm bracelet on these pictures right now I probably have to come clean about my previously mentioned non-devotion towards jewelry. I used to be devoted, as in VERY devoted. Blame the brilliant invention that is charm bracelets (and necklaces for that matter). I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only one around here that was vaguely OBSESSED with collecting charms, right? So much for not following jewelry trends, Anni! But like I said, personal and emotional meaning is a huge deal for me when it comes to Arm Candy, be it the jewelry I’m wearing or the tattoos I got (and will get…sorry mum!). Every single one of the 20-something charms I got has a deeper meaning that has something to do with myself, my life and my loves. I don’t wear them often because I’m too scared to lose one (or all), but looking at them now I can connect each and every charm to the time and place I was at life when I got them. For example, next to the obvious ones (my initials AYL) I got my sisters‘ initials, a lion (my spirit animal and ice-hockey team mascot), a dollar sign (my 18th birthday present was a trip to NYC, and this one was a hint), a soccer ball (for the 2006 world championship in Germany), the Eiffel Tower (I did a student exchange to Paris) and the Statue of Liberty (my true love is New York, duh!) – just to name a few! I’m telling you, looking at people’s charm bracelets (and tattoos) tells you a lot you need to know about them – or am I the only one?!

In the pictures which I took a couple of days ago with my sister/new roommate you can also see the latest addition to my bling ring – the beginning of my own HRH stack! I’ve been following Alex and her company for ages now and I finally decided to make myself a birthday present and get some of her handmade pieces! And I’m SO! IN! LOVE! Pictures don’t even do them justice, they’re my go to every day pieces next to my watch now and I can’t wait to make another order someday!

So now that I’ve babbled along about my favorites pieces I’m curious: what’s your go-to arm candy and most importantly, if you were a charm person, which ones would describe you and your life the most – and why? Check out the awesome selection of charms on Christ’s online store for a closer look, I’d love to hear your stories :)!

Hope you’re having a bedazzled week! XX -A



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