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You guys, I’m in love! I just got back from the bestest weekend trip in probably one of my favorite cities ever! I’ve been in Paris before twice, but damn I feel like third time really is the charm – I’ve fallen head over heals in love with this place! Maybe it was because fall turns Paris into a dreamy wonderland, or maybe it was the fact that we were blessed by three perfect, sunny, clear-blue-sky-and-sitting-by-the-water-in-tshirts days, but this whole weekend could just not have been more awesome! My sister and I took the train to Paris late thursday night and I was finally reunited with my crazy NYC-PR-squad-bunch for the past couple of days! We walked almost 50 kilometres during our time in Paris (says the step-counter on my phone AND my feet), and explored the city in between coffees, pain au chocolat and much needed girl-talks! If ever there was a city to explore by foot, I’d say it would be Paris! When the weather works in your favor and you’ve packed the right footwear, it would be a crime not to just pack your bags, your google map (haha) and head for the hills (at Montmartre, that is!). Even though I have to admit that the touristy spots really are a MUST even if you have seen them before, there’s so much more to see in Paris than just the Eiffel Tower (quite literally – quote Mirela „From people’s Instagrams I always thought no matter where you were in Paris, you’d see the Eiffel Tower, when in reality that sh** is nowhere to be seen!“ haha)

Even though it is one of the best and insta-worthy scenes (I mean, having drinks and food at the feet of La Tour Eiffel with friends is pretty much up there on the list of things you’d think happen only in the movies), the city as a whole is pretty much picture-perfect! In fact, I’m one hundred percent certain that I’d be a lot more up my blogging-game if I where to live in a place as photogenic as Paris! I love Munich, but mon dieu, that city! <3 If you haven’t already noticed, I’m quite smitten – and also proud to inform you that I did not shoot one, but THREE new looks in Paris! Picture-perfect indeed! I guess I just felt inspired by being in one of fashion’s capitals! That AND the vintage heaven I got myself into! In case you’re looking for the best (and also, most affordable) vintage goodies in the world, you might as well stop right now and book a one-way ticket to Paris! I could not believe my luck when I found the bomber jacket and saw the price tag – I just had to get it! And don’t even get me started on those shoes, they’re probably never going to leave my feet ever again! OBSESSED!  I also got another college jacket, because you can’t have too many of those, right?! ;-)

I wanted to take pictures in them right away, so my sister shot these at the steps of Sacre Couer in Montmarte during golden hour. Okay now I’m done gushing for the day, but be warned, the Paris spam on Instagram and over here is nowhere near done! I hope you can bare with me! BISOUS! xx

P.S.: in my all-french bubble, the text below is from one of my current favorite songs, ‚Avenir‘ by Louane – don’t judge me!



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