It’s December…how is that even possible? What a crazy whirlwind of a year! As much as it shocks me that we’re this close to Christmas already, I’m also super excited! Even though the weather right now is not really made for blogging (and outfit shootings in particular), I have always loved Christmas season! Trust me, I for one could start blasting Christmas albums in October and be perfectly fine. My neighbors? Not so much.

Sorry for the weeklong silence on L&L, but I had a bit of a technical problem – I forgot my SD card at my parents‘ place with ALL my recent outfit pictures that I wanted to post this week, so my hands were tied! I do however have a really exciting post coming up this week that I put a lot of heart into, so that’ll be up before we go back to outfits and inspiration! Since this has always been my outlet to share all my (popcultural) obsessions, it’s about time for a new favorites post, amiright?!

2015 has been a year full of musical blessings and even more „Internet to do“ if you’re asking me, so without further rambling, here’s what I loved, watched, read & danced in the kitchen to! X

M U S I C 

Justin Bieber – PURPOSE 

Sorry / Love Yourself / No Pressure / The Feeling / Life is Worth Living

Adele – 25 

Hello / Send My Love / Remedy / When We Were Young

Years & Years – COMMUNION

Shine / Eyes Shut / Ties / Without / Border

Mod Sun – LOOK UP

My Favorite Shirt is my Skin / Shoot ‚Em Down

These are pretty much the albums I listened to all month, and I even got to see Years & Years live and it was nothing short of amazing (of course!) – but one of my favorite songs this month was definitely 

Erik Hassle – SMALLER 

T V S H O W S 

How To Get Away With Murder

The Royals (Season 2)

The City

M O V I E S 

The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part II

B O O K S 

Kirstie Clements – The Vogue Factor


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