_URBAN OUTFITTERS pants (similar here)_ZARA shirt (similar here)_MISSGUIDED coat_

_ADIDAS sneakers_RAYBAN sunnies_LOUIS VUITTON bag_


Happy Humpday, Superstars!

Can’t believe we’re about two weeks away from Christmas – crazy! It feels like forever ago that we spent the week-end in Paris, even though its only been about 1,5 months now. Maybe that’s because it didn’t really feel December-ish outside up until..now?! It was all sunny and „warm“ and no snow in sight so far, and now here I am sitting at the office freezing in my sneakers! I am writing on my personal statements for college applications, and speaking that much about creative pursuits, I needed a little break for actual creativity. As I told you guys before we shot this look on our first day in Paris and it was supposed to go on the blog a while ago, but with everything that happened in the aftermath, it didn’t really feel like the right time.

I didn’t have time (nor the photographer) to take new outfit pictures last week, so I thought it was about time to share these, since they’re my absolute favorite pictures from Paris. This look was perfect for our stroll around the city, and don’t even get me started on how comfy my teddy coat is! Definitely a winter favorite! Another favorite of mine (as you might have noticed on my Insta and recent outfit posts) are my Superstars and the leather sweatpants I got in Miami waaaay back! Unfortunately they’re starting to rip and I’m so so sad (and mad, haha)! I’ll try and get them fixed for sure…leather sweatpants are the perfect pants to chill but still look like you tried, no?!

My sister is back in Munich so I’ll try and shoot some more wintery outfits this week, and work off my to-do list which is growing by the second! Hope you’re all having a fantastic day! X



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