Or more like, good afternoon!? I was out late last night and now I find it hard to drag myself

out of bed…as usual on Sundays! But I have plans to shoot an outfit later today and go to the Christmas-

market so there’s a good reason to leave the sheets! Plus, it’s so nice and sunny out! I’m also

mentally preparing myself for the pre-sale ticket madness that will go down tomorrow for Justin’s

#PURPOSETOUR and if it’s anything like the Adele fiasco last week I will throw a fit!

I’ve been wanting to get tickets for Madison Square Garden in NYC but the prices were INSANE,

so when I saw that Justin announces his Munich concert for MY BIRTHDAY (eeeeek!)

I knew it was meant to be! I don’t even know if I will still be living in Munich (let alone Germany)

next September, but if there ever was a reason to fly in it is most definitely this one!

So if I don’t get tickets because all of a sudden the whole world decided to acknowledge his presence and

talent, and people who called him names just a couple of months back now claim the #BIEBERFEVER,

I can’t make any promises about freaking out! Just kidding…or am I?!

As much as I love that people finally see the kid’s talent, I don’t have any soft spots left for

hypocrites, so if you’re reaction to my general obsession with the Biebs has been „eww!“ for the past 6 six years,

the exit is to the right! Let’s not forget that we were here first ;-)

That being said, if you want to see me in my full-fledge fangirl mode like on his last tour

(you can read about it HERE), get your tickets (as long as I get mine first)

and enjoy the show – because the kid is freaking AMAZING in concert!

„there is a reason why 14000 screams fall silent when he strips down 3 of his songs to just talent – a voice and a guitar, the root of his fame, the reason why he’s wasn’t MADE into what he is, but FOUND for what he is able to do“


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