: MANGO jacket : ZARA pants, top, boots : H&M beanie : VINTAGE sunnies (old) : MINUSEY bag (old)

Buckle up, Superstars!

Another year, another month, another week – another outfit!

My start into 2016 couldn’t have been better as I’m on my first week of interning in the fashion department of a magazine, which is a dream come true! When I moved to Munich about 4.5 years ago it was my dream to one day get the chance to get a glimpse into the editorial halls of fashion journalism, so I now have to pinch myself to realize that all the hard work paid off and I actually got the spot! I’m super excited for the upcoming weeks and I promise to give my best not to slack on blogging (again)! As I’ve experienced in the past, I’m actually way more productive and time-efficient the more I have to do, so full-time interning might come in super handy!

Another thing I’m already excited for is the beginning of spring. I know, I know, I shouldn’t expect the sunny season to come around just yet but looking at the sad excuse of a winter we just had are currently having I can’t help but hope that we just skip it all together and dive right back into spring! I haven’t worn my „below-zero-coat“ ONCE this winter and I can’t say I’m complaining! What I need aren’t freezing temperatures, but furry ones – so that I can keep on rocking this masterpiece of a jacket, but without the layers, ya know what I mean?!

I scored this furry goodness while browsing through the sale section of Mango, and as I rode up the escalator there it was right in front of my eyes. There might as well have been halos and lightbeams coming from the ceiling plus „Colorblind“ playing in the background to accompany my Cruel Intentions movie moment, with the sole difference that at the end of my escalator there was not Ryan Phillippe (crying emoji), but a rack of jackets waiting for my confession of love!

Jacket: „I’m impressed.“

Anni: „Well I’m in love.“

Said it and ran to the register, never looking back! Since then I’ve been basically wearing it constantly, adding yet another „color“ to my wardrobe! I paired it with my two other sale purchases, the Zara pants and Sweater combo, and some old loves from my closet! What do you think?!


P.S.: Today’s post is inspired by my long lost love for Lorde’s album Pure Heroine and the perfection that is ‚White Teeth Teens‘!



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