_ZARA shoes (SIMILAR)_H&M jeans,coat, cap_MONKI dress (HERE)_VINTAGE sweater_

Damn Anni, back at it again with the striped shirts! Or striped dresses, that is!

I’m back today with my current staple look – ripped denim (or leather pants), striped long-shirt (aka dress), and a turtle neck thrown on top! Top it off with my favorite Zara leather booties, the H&M menswear coat I scored a while ago on sale, and some of my favorite accessories, and I’m good to go! You’d think working at a fashion magazine would inspire you to dress up and experiment every day, but the truth is that most of the time I’m just too busy or too damn exhausted to put any thought into my outfits! Rule number one when you’re a fashion intern? DON’T! WEAR! HEELS! (repeat after me!) Comfort is key, and as you can expect do run around cardio style some weeks, sneakers will be your new best friend!

Speaking of sneakers: I’m currently prepping a super fun blogpost and something a bit out of the comfort zone all about my favorite (new) sneakers, so you should definitely stay updated on my social channels and here on the blog! You might even have gotten a little sneak peak last night ;-) I honestly can’t wait for this grey-scale post-winter to be over and for spring to finally make a real comeback! As much as I like sweater-weather (I oddly really do), I’m super ready for SUN and LEATHERJACKETS and did I mention SUN?!

I’m pretty positive that as soon as it gets a bit warmer and the days are longer, I’ll be more up to shooting blogposts again…for now, I literally look the same on a daily basis! EXCEPT for my hair – the past weekend I finally got a long-overdue new do and I’m in love with it! My hair has gotten so long and unhealthy that I told my hairdresser to just chop – surprisingly, as it usually would kill me to even lose more than two centimeters! It’s also a lot lighter again, so we’re slowly but surely stepping towards the silver-scale ;-)

Well, as I’m kinda lost for (interesting) words today, I’ll stop the rambling here and will leave you to it! Go kick some ass, work hard, and HAPPY HUSTLING! <3



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