A little while ago, while discussing the latest streetstyle shots from Fashion-Week season, one of my co-editors said something that made my little sneaker-geek heart race faster. I believe her exact words were the following:

„The Converse is having a comeback!“ 

Could it be true? Could the sneaker of sneakers, the OG (Original Gangster) of the game, loved by many and seemingly forgotten by more really be hitting up the fashion scene (again) – and take back what’s rightfully his? After a little online shopping-spree gone out of hand on About You, I couldn’t help but think about what had changed in sneaker heaven – and write a little tale for you!

Now if you ask me, the Converse never really left. It was forced into an involuntary hiatus, because #FASHION is brutal – and just like New York, it’s the competition that never sleeps. If you have even the vaguest interest in dressing yourself in the morning, chances are you’ve owned at least one pair of Chucks in your life. Back in my High School days, Converse was the king. The All Stars rose from athletic gear to an iconic status and the quintessential sneaker in what felt like every 90’s teenagers‘ closet. I owned „Chucks“ in various colors and cuts – low-top, high-top, super-high top (I know, cringeee), black, white, red, pink, striped  – I was obsessed! Not that the colors mattered anyways, because dirt was the only thing mattering in terms of aesthetics: the dirtier the shoes, the better! Converse were worn by Rock and Grunge legends left and right, they’re were part of a rebel uniform and the ultimate shoe of choice if you considered yourself cool!

Lo and behold, those were the days when rockstars and school-rookies still made the trends, gym-wear and yoga-pants weren’t considered a #FASHIONSTATEMENT – and we weren’t camping in front of stores to get our hands on overpriced sneakers designed by #YEEZUS. Today, while we’re still wearing sneakers to make statements, the range and hype has certainly changed. Shoes are shared (and cared about) on ‚grams, blogs, vlogs, tweets, pins, everywhere – and we’re not even realizing the effect it has on us.

I am convinced that you can only see something a certain amount of time until you start considering that you might actually want to have it yourself. That’s how trends ultimately happen, in fashion and in life. If the Converse All-Star was the 90’s sneaker-icon, it is unarguably true that today’s streetstyle-star is none other than Adidas’s Stan Smith.

Trust me, I fought the hype and I fought it hard. I was a Nike’s girl through and through, and with that I mean Nike AND Converse (which was bought by Nike in 2003). Last year I finally caved and got my first pair of Superstars – and I honestly have no idea how I even made it this far without them in my life. Like, I don’t even know what I wore on my feet before. They’re so damn comfortable that last week I gave up and decided to look for another pair, this time the infamous Stan Smith, to add to my collection. Because apparently I have a shopping problem when it comes to shoes I obviously didn’t stop right there, and with my colleagues comment in mind browsed through the Converse section on About You as well – and my heart skipped a beat when I saw these shiny leather All-Stars. I mean, I HAD to get them both, no!? I have such a huge problem saying no to sneakers, and their selection is so big that I had to stop myself from buying even MORE! I’m usually super impatient which is why I rarely shop online, but the shoes arrived at my doorstep 2 days later so can you say SCORE?!

That being said, since it’d be super egoistic if I’m the only one getting something out of this, I thought I’d so something a bit out of the box (or should I say, out of the blog) and do a little sneaker face-off! And it all starts today! Seeing as the weather was horrible lately and didn’t want to risk getting my brand new and shiny best friends all dirty – see unlike 90’s kicks, millenial chicks like their sneakers #OHSOWHITE and #CLEAN – I shot me trying them on for the first time! But don’t you worry, the upcoming posts will be all about taking them from the sheets to the streets, so I will definitely show you how I will style them, too!

Before it’s time to walk the walk, this is me talking the talk!

So what’s your take – Team #STAN or Team #CHUCK?!




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