Here’s the thing with New Year’s resolutions: I very seldom keep them. One of them was to be better with my monthly favorites – and lo and behold, two months in and I’m already slacking. As you might know if you’re following me on Social Media, I started interning again in January and having a full-time job turned me into a not-even-part-time blogger. But for now I’ve taken out all pressure, and it feels kinda good. Blogging is never going to me my full-time profession, nor did I ever intend for it to be. It’s my personal diary, and a fun outlet and platform to share my (partly weird) obsessions with you people! That will never stop – and as long as I still like to take time out of my week, or sometimes just my month, to sit down and write some words, little L&L will always be around.

It’s April and I’m not sure whether I should think „it’s just April“ or „it’s April already“, but this year has been everything and nothing all at once. So much has happened and so much more is still to come, so this might just be a list of favorite things that I stumbled upon in 2016 thus far!

I hope you’re all having a great week, happy humpday – I love you oodles and noodles! x


Making A Murderer

Don’t think I ever went through the full range of emotions in just 10 episodes of something, but this is a MUST watch!

#TGIT (Grey’s, HTGAWM, and the likes)

Shonda’s shows never stop (nor should they) – and How to get away with Murder might be the best one yet!

Fuller House

YOU GOT IT, DUDE! (oh the nostalgia…)


Must-watch – not only because it won the Oscar for best movie!

Bieber and Beyond: The Evolution of Scooter Braun

Scooter is someone I admire both as a person and a professional. He’s near the top of my list of people I’d love to have dinner with – and the video just proves my point. 

Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung for Vogue UK

THIS! SERIES! IS! THE! BEST! THING! ON! YOUTUBE! (seriously though if you’re into fashion and want to make a career of it, and even if not, this is a must watch – plus Alexa is the coolest gal) 

.:: WHAT I READ ::.

Amy Odell – Tales from the Front Row

If you work in fashion, worked in fashion, want to work in fashion – Amy spills all the beans you need (+ a lot of good laughs)

Jojo Moyes – Me Before You

A few years late to the party, but just in time for the movie to come out – it was okay-ish, in my opinion.

Girlfriends are the new Husbands

What women find in friends that they may not get from Love

Katie Heaney – Dear Emma

I waited so long for Katie’s second book, after the first one was basically my life-story to a point where I questioned whether we might be related, so I’m super excited about her first novel! 


Rhodes – Wishes

Possibly one of the best concerts I’ve been to in a long time – small, intimate, and SO SO friggin good!

Rihanna – ANTI

Never been a huge Rihanna fan, but diggin‘ this album – Consideration (!!!)

Shawn Mendes – Handwritten

If JB and Ed Sheeran had a vocal love-child, that would be Shawn Mendes – great album from start to finish!

Sia – This is Acting

Sia never disappoints – and neither do her albums! (Reaper is my fav!)

Justin Bieber (ft. James Bay) – Love Yourself/Sorry

OBSESSED with everything about this, vocals, guitarist (oh heeeey James Bay), Saint Laurent outfit – on point!

Frank Sinatra – New York New York (Heisman Edit)

I’ve listened to a lot of Frank Sinatra lately, and it always puts me in the best of moods. 

Kanye West – Life of Pablo

I refused to get Tidal (just for the sake of refusing), and after it finally came to all streaming services I couldn’t stop listening! So! Good!

Monocycle with Leandra Medine

One of my best friends told me to listen to Leandra’s podcast after her cameo in #FOF, and I’m so so grateful for the tip (hiii Isi!) – Leandra is a #girlboss in the truest form, and has such a refreshing approach to fashion and life, I could listen to her for hours! (plus, she gives really good advice and is crazy funny!)


Adidas Originals Sweatpants

…I live and breathe in these! #obsessed


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