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Oh hi, Superstars! I was in the mood for blogging again and thought about what I haven’t been posting about in a while, and well here we go – a brand new (kind of) edition of ‚What Would Anni Wear‘. As the weather is finally looking spring-y and the sun decided to make a comeback, one would think that I’d be in the mood for colors! Welp, no! You know I’m a sucker for all black errythang outfits, so it’s no real surprise that all items on my current wishlist are, well, black! There’s just something about it that makes you look cool, sophisticated, and always well put together without looking like you’re trying too hard!

The item that’s probably on top of my list at the moment is a black jean jacket, something that I thought would be easier to find, but I finally came across one from Esprit! Buying jackets is probably my biggest shopping addiction next to shoes, and I stocked up on denim jackets throughout the past years. I do not however own a black one – yet! Working at a fashion magazine confronts you with an endless amount of clothing every day, and as an avid follower of fashion blogs I also tend to see the same things on a lot of people – that’s just how fashion trends work! So what can you do to look a bit different in a pond full of fish? I, for one, have decided to take on some DIY projects in the next couple of weeks! I was looking for a black choker necklace and when I couldn’t find one I went to a craft shop in the city and landed straight in DIY heaven! I couldn’t help but think that instead of spending money on a jacket that everyone can buy, why not spend some cash on some paint and cool patches and create my own? I’m still debating on what exactly I want to write on the back of it, but I think I might just start my little project on the Esprit denim jacket above. Below you’ll find some Pinterest inspiration – what’s your favorite?

I’m also planning on buying a new pair of black ripped jeans, and I’ve only heard heavenly things about Topshop denim, so those are next up on my list! In my head, the ideal #blackonblackonblack look is topped off with Nike Huarache sneakers (that have been on my sneaker wishlist for a while now), an Adidas trefoil cap (currently obsessed with baseball hats), and a cute off-shoulder top! Kenza sported the newest IvyRevel design in one of her latest blogposts, and I couldn’t help but peak into their online shop to find out what all the buzz is about – scoring H&M as an investor is not big, it’s a m-a-j-o-r deal, and I can’t wait to see where this will take her!

So what do you think about my outfit and DIY plans – any suggestions?

xx – A



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