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Pictures by Svenni

ASOS dress_GINA TRICOT jeans_ZARA boots_H&M hat_VINTAGE jacket_RAYBAN sunnies_HRH bracelet

Did you ever get the feeling when the more you looked at something the less you liked it?

That’s exactly how I feel about outfit posts sometimes. I remember shooting these photos with my sister about a month ago in my favorite home away from home in Switzerland, and I couldn’t wait to edit and share the images on the blog. I’ve walked across this bridge ever since I can remember, and even as a little kid it has always been one of my favorite sceneries in the world. I always pictured how cool it would be to ultimately shoot an outfit here, and over Easter break we finally managed to take some shots. Fast forward to me editing them and preparing this post, I probably went back and forth a million times contemplating whether or not I should post them. But in the end I thought – why the hell not?!

Plus, I didn’t really have any more reason to procrastinate. I’ve been stuck to my bed for almost a week now, since I came down with probably the worst cold I’ve ever had in my life. In between drinking so much hot lemon with tea that I’ve lost count, and binge-watching Girls in preparation for my move to NYC, I actually managed to get some stuff done that I’ve tip-toed around for the past few months. (Who has time to clean out their hard-drive anyways?)

You know how every time you’re sick you truely start to appreciate how amazingly great it is to be healthy? I for one tend to feel really really miserably about everything when I’m sick, when the truth is there’s not really all that much to feel miserable about.

I might not have moved mountains this week, but I did come around to edit this post for you – as they say, baby steps! ;-)

xx -A

P.S.: I know this is not really the most inspiring spring scenery but hey – it’s supposed to snow here next week!




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