If I had to sum up all emotions I’m currently feeling it’d come down to this: just pure, plain excitement. The best kind. The one you would love to bottle up and carry with you, until there comes a day when you need to be reminded that this is the type of excitement you’re physically and mentally capable to feel.

Excitement about what’s to come, but even better – excitement about what’s already here. I was sitting at a café in Berlin today, with two of my favorite people, and I read a post on the wall. A tiny sticker, so easy to overlook. It read „I love my life“. And I thought ‚god, I really do‘. Just like that. I’d be okay if nothing really changed, but I’m even more okay with all the change that’s about to come. A big move. The next step. Dreams coming true.

There’s a lot in store for me, for us. And I felt like sharing that. I’ve been working on something really exciting lately, and I can’t wait to begin. Let’s just say…we might be #HangingOut more soon.

And I hope you’re excited. I know I am.



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