So by now I think we all can agree that I am a bad blogger, but really good at that! These images have been shot in Berlin over two weeks ago when I was visiting little Carmen for fashion week and some much needed girl-time! I can’t even blame it on a lack of time that I haven’t come around to edit them, so I’ll just be honest: I simply didn’t feel like it. This might be due to a hectic mid-move schedule, but mostly due to the fact that I’m contemplating more and more where I’ll be going with L&L! I haven’t considered myself a fashion blogger in a long time by now, but I’m still too attached to my blog to quit completely. So as I wrote in my previous post, there is a lot of change on the horizon for me, and not only location wise. I feel like taking time off blogging completely helped me re-set my „strategy“ and really think about what I want this blog to be – to me, as well as to you! I will sit down this weekend and write a longer post about all changes and my new little baby (project), so keep an eye out for that!

If you look closely you can already see some baby steps that I have been taking recently: if you check the top menu you can see that I’ve added a work tab where you can find samples of what I’ve been working on next to my blog – for example some of the editorials I assisted on during my time at InStyle and my very own page in the magazine (pinch me, please!). This way I hope that Labels & Lovesongs will stay my creative outlet as well as my online presence in the form of a „resumé“, and it will also give you guys the chance to see what I’m up to when I’m not blogging!

A few words about today’s look: this is probably my go-to combination this „summer“ (ahem, what is this weather even). Off-Shoulder? Check! Choker? Check! White sneakers? Check! FLARED SILK PANTS? Yes pleaaaase! And to top it all of: dark denim Tommy jacket – one of the best purchases I made this summer! Along with the pants, of course, which are just the perfect mix of comfy and chic! I’m seriously living in these! Add my new haircolor that I couldn’t be more obsessed with (unfortunately the wind was NOT in my favor while shooting), et voilà – me, almost every day!

Talk soon, superstars! xx


What I’m wearing: 

ZARA Pants (Similar HERE)

H&M Top (on Sale HERE)


ADIDAS Sneakers (Similar HERE)

RAY-BAN Sunnies (HERE)



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