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Pictures by Meghan

What I was wearing:

TOBI sweater dress (HERE)

ZARA boots, jacket, bag

MANGO fake fur vest (HERE)

Hello Superstars!

I’m currently sitting at JFK while writing this, killing time before boarding my flight to visit home for a couple of weeks. This means it’s officially winter break, and just to remind me New York decided to send in some proper snow! I woke up this morning with still some chores left on my list, and had forgotten to buy breakfast. So imagine my face as I ran out in my sweatpants, sleepyhead and all, and stepped into white powder instead of concrete.

You’d think that the cold that crept its way into the city the last week in combination with the snow (and nasty aftermath) would be enough to get me all excited to leave for a bit. But as I sat on my Uber and rode along Williamsburg Bridge, and couldn’t help but feel weirdly…sad. Don’t get me wrong, I am so so excited to go home, so excited to see my family, spend Sundays on the couch watching sports with my dad, see how my mum decorated our house, eat proper BREAD, hang out with my friends and catch up on tv shows and drama without a care in the world, but damn…I’m gonna miss New York so much. I honestly already do, and I’m still here. I once talked to my former NY roommate about this, and he said its part of becoming a New Yorker and also part of the city’s charm. The hustle and bustle drives you nuts sometimes (trust me, just last night I was internally screaming at the literal elephant in the room that is our upstairs neighbors), and then you can’t wait to leave it behind and get some piece and quiet. But as soon as you watch those city lights get smaller, you feel the void. The void of noise and energy, hustle and bustle. I already do – my heart felt just as heave as my bags (homegirl still can’t pack to save her life).

Before heading back home for a while I managed to shoot two more looks with Meghan because I love procrastinating and didn’t feel like studying when NYC gave us the perfect sunny Tuesday and I still wanted to snap some pics in one of the pieces the lovely gals from TOBI sent me! What do you guys think?!

P.S.: UPDATE: slept 12 hours and ate lots of bread – the joys of being home! <3

xx – A



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