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Pictures by Meghan

What I was wearing: 

TOBI wrap dress (HERE)

ZARA shoes (old)




Good Morning Superstars!

And a slightly belated Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you had lovely holidays so far, with lots of food and blissful free time at hand. As for me, I’ve been living off Gluten and Gummibears every since I touched foot in Germany, and it’s beginning to show. As amazing as it is to just spend the holidays at home, watching movies with my parents and catching up with friends over mulled wine (aka sugar coma from a bottle), it’s about time I get back on track to kill the literal after-christmas hippo feels. So before the food fiesta continues I will dedicate today to hitting the gym and maybe the sale section at Zara – shopping is, after all, a good form of cardio, no?!

Today I’m showing you look #2 of the ones I shot with Meghan back in NYC, who almost lost a finger or two in the process. It was so fu***** cold all of a sudden, that I held on for a PSL without sleeve for a good 20 minutes before regaining any type of feelings back in my fingers. For our *literal* walk in the walk I sported my Rangers beanie and my new favorite dress from TOBI. Remember that time I always tied something around my waist? Well, that’s built in now – how convenient! ;-)

I also very much feel like crying at the sight of my hair on these photos, because I went to get my ends cut as soon as I got home and my hairdresser decided to cut off 15cm instead. If ever I wondered if I would want to sport short hair we now have the answer – I DON’T!

Hope you’re enjoying the last christmassy days!

x, A



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