What I’m wearing:


ZARA Pants

ADIDAS Sneakers

H&M Belt


Hey Superstars!

Long time, no see. Or should I say – long long long long time no see? I can’t believe that I only just now got around to shoot my first look in the city of all cities. I feel like it’s been yesterday that I moved to New York, and at the same time it feels like I’ve been living here forever. All I know is that the past weeks have been a rollercoaster, but to say it with my all-time-favorite Augustus Waters: it’s been a rollercoaster that only goes up, my friends! (there could be better metaphore for living in NYC, let me tell you that)

The thing I’ve learned the fastest about living here: everything is an extreme. Extremely loud, extremely hot, extremely rainy, extremely cold, extremely windy, extremely crowded or extremely lonely. My sister recently said it best: not everyone gets to live here, but then again, not everyone can. A bad day in New York is a BAD day – but a good day, man – a good day is so much better than anywhere else in the world. I can’t tell you how many times I walked around the city, listening to a good song, and just felt so incredibly giddy and grateful that I get to live here.

In between juggling classes, starting work for NYU.Fashion, exploring the city and maintaining a social life, it’s a miracle that I’m even leaving the house in something other than yoga pants, much less show you what I’m wearing. The past few weeks flew by like a G6 and that’s a fact that I don’t only see on the calendar. When I moved here I told myself I’d get my warmes clothes when it’s, you know, colder. Well news-flash Anni: it’s not always sunny in New York City, and fall winter is very much here. As much as I love those seasons, I absolutely dread dressing for them. Looking cute in a million layers is just an unfortunate task! Luckily I finally found the perfect black wool-coat on AboutYou, and took it on a downtown stroll on the weekend. I’m not an impulse buyer, so if I say I’ve looked at every coat on their page, you best believe I did. Once again, their range of brands hasn’t failed me, and it took me while, but I couldn’t be happier with my pick! It’s the ideal length, the perfect oversize yet fitted cut, and keeps me warm (and looking cool, pun intended!). Paired with my old Zara leather pants, my gramps‘ oversized cashmere sweater, sneakers and fishnet socks, I think my yoga-pants might have found a new #OOTD rival.

xx from NYC,






So by now I think we all can agree that I am a bad blogger, but really good at that! These images have been shot in Berlin over two weeks ago when I was visiting little Carmen for fashion week and some much needed girl-time! I can’t even blame it on a lack of time that I haven’t come around to edit them, so I’ll just be honest: I simply didn’t feel like it. This might be due to a hectic mid-move schedule, but mostly due to the fact that I’m contemplating more and more where I’ll be going with L&L! I haven’t considered myself a fashion blogger in a long time by now, but I’m still too attached to my blog to quit completely. So as I wrote in my previous post, there is a lot of change on the horizon for me, and not only location wise. I feel like taking time off blogging completely helped me re-set my „strategy“ and really think about what I want this blog to be – to me, as well as to you! I will sit down this weekend and write a longer post about all changes and my new little baby (project), so keep an eye out for that!

If you look closely you can already see some baby steps that I have been taking recently: if you check the top menu you can see that I’ve added a work tab where you can find samples of what I’ve been working on next to my blog – for example some of the editorials I assisted on during my time at InStyle and my very own page in the magazine (pinch me, please!). This way I hope that Labels & Lovesongs will stay my creative outlet as well as my online presence in the form of a „resumé“, and it will also give you guys the chance to see what I’m up to when I’m not blogging!

A few words about today’s look: this is probably my go-to combination this „summer“ (ahem, what is this weather even). Off-Shoulder? Check! Choker? Check! White sneakers? Check! FLARED SILK PANTS? Yes pleaaaase! And to top it all of: dark denim Tommy jacket – one of the best purchases I made this summer! Along with the pants, of course, which are just the perfect mix of comfy and chic! I’m seriously living in these! Add my new haircolor that I couldn’t be more obsessed with (unfortunately the wind was NOT in my favor while shooting), et voilà – me, almost every day!

Talk soon, superstars! xx


What I’m wearing: 

ZARA Pants (Similar HERE)

H&M Top (on Sale HERE)


ADIDAS Sneakers (Similar HERE)

RAY-BAN Sunnies (HERE)






If I had to sum up all emotions I’m currently feeling it’d come down to this: just pure, plain excitement. The best kind. The one you would love to bottle up and carry with you, until there comes a day when you need to be reminded that this is the type of excitement you’re physically and mentally capable to feel.

Excitement about what’s to come, but even better – excitement about what’s already here. I was sitting at a café in Berlin today, with two of my favorite people, and I read a post on the wall. A tiny sticker, so easy to overlook. It read „I love my life“. And I thought ‚god, I really do‘. Just like that. I’d be okay if nothing really changed, but I’m even more okay with all the change that’s about to come. A big move. The next step. Dreams coming true.

There’s a lot in store for me, for us. And I felt like sharing that. I’ve been working on something really exciting lately, and I can’t wait to begin. Let’s just say…we might be #HangingOut more soon.

And I hope you’re excited. I know I am.



I’ll Show You


Pictures by Svenni

ASOS dress_GINA TRICOT jeans_ZARA boots_H&M hat_VINTAGE jacket_RAYBAN sunnies_HRH bracelet

Did you ever get the feeling when the more you looked at something the less you liked it?

That’s exactly how I feel about outfit posts sometimes. I remember shooting these photos with my sister about a month ago in my favorite home away from home in Switzerland, and I couldn’t wait to edit and share the images on the blog. I’ve walked across this bridge ever since I can remember, and even as a little kid it has always been one of my favorite sceneries in the world. I always pictured how cool it would be to ultimately shoot an outfit here, and over Easter break we finally managed to take some shots. Fast forward to me editing them and preparing this post, I probably went back and forth a million times contemplating whether or not I should post them. But in the end I thought – why the hell not?!

Plus, I didn’t really have any more reason to procrastinate. I’ve been stuck to my bed for almost a week now, since I came down with probably the worst cold I’ve ever had in my life. In between drinking so much hot lemon with tea that I’ve lost count, and binge-watching Girls in preparation for my move to NYC, I actually managed to get some stuff done that I’ve tip-toed around for the past few months. (Who has time to clean out their hard-drive anyways?)

You know how every time you’re sick you truely start to appreciate how amazingly great it is to be healthy? I for one tend to feel really really miserably about everything when I’m sick, when the truth is there’s not really all that much to feel miserable about.

I might not have moved mountains this week, but I did come around to edit this post for you – as they say, baby steps! ;-)

xx -A

P.S.: I know this is not really the most inspiring spring scenery but hey – it’s supposed to snow here next week!





favorites.:: ON MY WISHLIST ::.

Jacket HERE 


Sneakers HERE 

Jeans HERE 


Oh hi, Superstars! I was in the mood for blogging again and thought about what I haven’t been posting about in a while, and well here we go – a brand new (kind of) edition of ‚What Would Anni Wear‘. As the weather is finally looking spring-y and the sun decided to make a comeback, one would think that I’d be in the mood for colors! Welp, no! You know I’m a sucker for all black errythang outfits, so it’s no real surprise that all items on my current wishlist are, well, black! There’s just something about it that makes you look cool, sophisticated, and always well put together without looking like you’re trying too hard!

The item that’s probably on top of my list at the moment is a black jean jacket, something that I thought would be easier to find, but I finally came across one from Esprit! Buying jackets is probably my biggest shopping addiction next to shoes, and I stocked up on denim jackets throughout the past years. I do not however own a black one – yet! Working at a fashion magazine confronts you with an endless amount of clothing every day, and as an avid follower of fashion blogs I also tend to see the same things on a lot of people – that’s just how fashion trends work! So what can you do to look a bit different in a pond full of fish? I, for one, have decided to take on some DIY projects in the next couple of weeks! I was looking for a black choker necklace and when I couldn’t find one I went to a craft shop in the city and landed straight in DIY heaven! I couldn’t help but think that instead of spending money on a jacket that everyone can buy, why not spend some cash on some paint and cool patches and create my own? I’m still debating on what exactly I want to write on the back of it, but I think I might just start my little project on the Esprit denim jacket above. Below you’ll find some Pinterest inspiration – what’s your favorite?

I’m also planning on buying a new pair of black ripped jeans, and I’ve only heard heavenly things about Topshop denim, so those are next up on my list! In my head, the ideal #blackonblackonblack look is topped off with Nike Huarache sneakers (that have been on my sneaker wishlist for a while now), an Adidas trefoil cap (currently obsessed with baseball hats), and a cute off-shoulder top! Kenza sported the newest IvyRevel design in one of her latest blogposts, and I couldn’t help but peak into their online shop to find out what all the buzz is about – scoring H&M as an investor is not big, it’s a m-a-j-o-r deal, and I can’t wait to see where this will take her!

So what do you think about my outfit and DIY plans – any suggestions?

xx – A