Here’s the thing with New Year’s resolutions: I very seldom keep them. One of them was to be better with my monthly favorites – and lo and behold, two months in and I’m already slacking. As you might know if you’re following me on Social Media, I started interning again in January and having a full-time job turned me into a not-even-part-time blogger. But for now I’ve taken out all pressure, and it feels kinda good. Blogging is never going to me my full-time profession, nor did I ever intend for it to be. It’s my personal diary, and a fun outlet and platform to share my (partly weird) obsessions with you people! That will never stop – and as long as I still like to take time out of my week, or sometimes just my month, to sit down and write some words, little L&L will always be around.

It’s April and I’m not sure whether I should think „it’s just April“ or „it’s April already“, but this year has been everything and nothing all at once. So much has happened and so much more is still to come, so this might just be a list of favorite things that I stumbled upon in 2016 thus far!

I hope you’re all having a great week, happy humpday – I love you oodles and noodles! x


Making A Murderer

Don’t think I ever went through the full range of emotions in just 10 episodes of something, but this is a MUST watch!

#TGIT (Grey’s, HTGAWM, and the likes)

Shonda’s shows never stop (nor should they) – and How to get away with Murder might be the best one yet!

Fuller House

YOU GOT IT, DUDE! (oh the nostalgia…)


Must-watch – not only because it won the Oscar for best movie!

Bieber and Beyond: The Evolution of Scooter Braun

Scooter is someone I admire both as a person and a professional. He’s near the top of my list of people I’d love to have dinner with – and the video just proves my point. 

Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung for Vogue UK

THIS! SERIES! IS! THE! BEST! THING! ON! YOUTUBE! (seriously though if you’re into fashion and want to make a career of it, and even if not, this is a must watch – plus Alexa is the coolest gal) 

.:: WHAT I READ ::.

Amy Odell – Tales from the Front Row

If you work in fashion, worked in fashion, want to work in fashion – Amy spills all the beans you need (+ a lot of good laughs)

Jojo Moyes – Me Before You

A few years late to the party, but just in time for the movie to come out – it was okay-ish, in my opinion.

Girlfriends are the new Husbands

What women find in friends that they may not get from Love

Katie Heaney – Dear Emma

I waited so long for Katie’s second book, after the first one was basically my life-story to a point where I questioned whether we might be related, so I’m super excited about her first novel! 


Rhodes – Wishes

Possibly one of the best concerts I’ve been to in a long time – small, intimate, and SO SO friggin good!

Rihanna – ANTI

Never been a huge Rihanna fan, but diggin‘ this album – Consideration (!!!)

Shawn Mendes – Handwritten

If JB and Ed Sheeran had a vocal love-child, that would be Shawn Mendes – great album from start to finish!

Sia – This is Acting

Sia never disappoints – and neither do her albums! (Reaper is my fav!)

Justin Bieber (ft. James Bay) – Love Yourself/Sorry

OBSESSED with everything about this, vocals, guitarist (oh heeeey James Bay), Saint Laurent outfit – on point!

Frank Sinatra – New York New York (Heisman Edit)

I’ve listened to a lot of Frank Sinatra lately, and it always puts me in the best of moods. 

Kanye West – Life of Pablo

I refused to get Tidal (just for the sake of refusing), and after it finally came to all streaming services I couldn’t stop listening! So! Good!

Monocycle with Leandra Medine

One of my best friends told me to listen to Leandra’s podcast after her cameo in #FOF, and I’m so so grateful for the tip (hiii Isi!) – Leandra is a #girlboss in the truest form, and has such a refreshing approach to fashion and life, I could listen to her for hours! (plus, she gives really good advice and is crazy funny!)


Adidas Originals Sweatpants

…I live and breathe in these! #obsessed





A little while ago, while discussing the latest streetstyle shots from Fashion-Week season, one of my co-editors said something that made my little sneaker-geek heart race faster. I believe her exact words were the following:

„The Converse is having a comeback!“ 

Could it be true? Could the sneaker of sneakers, the OG (Original Gangster) of the game, loved by many and seemingly forgotten by more really be hitting up the fashion scene (again) – and take back what’s rightfully his? After a little online shopping-spree gone out of hand on About You, I couldn’t help but think about what had changed in sneaker heaven – and write a little tale for you!

Now if you ask me, the Converse never really left. It was forced into an involuntary hiatus, because #FASHION is brutal – and just like New York, it’s the competition that never sleeps. If you have even the vaguest interest in dressing yourself in the morning, chances are you’ve owned at least one pair of Chucks in your life. Back in my High School days, Converse was the king. The All Stars rose from athletic gear to an iconic status and the quintessential sneaker in what felt like every 90’s teenagers‘ closet. I owned „Chucks“ in various colors and cuts – low-top, high-top, super-high top (I know, cringeee), black, white, red, pink, striped  – I was obsessed! Not that the colors mattered anyways, because dirt was the only thing mattering in terms of aesthetics: the dirtier the shoes, the better! Converse were worn by Rock and Grunge legends left and right, they’re were part of a rebel uniform and the ultimate shoe of choice if you considered yourself cool!

Lo and behold, those were the days when rockstars and school-rookies still made the trends, gym-wear and yoga-pants weren’t considered a #FASHIONSTATEMENT – and we weren’t camping in front of stores to get our hands on overpriced sneakers designed by #YEEZUS. Today, while we’re still wearing sneakers to make statements, the range and hype has certainly changed. Shoes are shared (and cared about) on ‚grams, blogs, vlogs, tweets, pins, everywhere – and we’re not even realizing the effect it has on us.

I am convinced that you can only see something a certain amount of time until you start considering that you might actually want to have it yourself. That’s how trends ultimately happen, in fashion and in life. If the Converse All-Star was the 90’s sneaker-icon, it is unarguably true that today’s streetstyle-star is none other than Adidas’s Stan Smith.

Trust me, I fought the hype and I fought it hard. I was a Nike’s girl through and through, and with that I mean Nike AND Converse (which was bought by Nike in 2003). Last year I finally caved and got my first pair of Superstars – and I honestly have no idea how I even made it this far without them in my life. Like, I don’t even know what I wore on my feet before. They’re so damn comfortable that last week I gave up and decided to look for another pair, this time the infamous Stan Smith, to add to my collection. Because apparently I have a shopping problem when it comes to shoes I obviously didn’t stop right there, and with my colleagues comment in mind browsed through the Converse section on About You as well – and my heart skipped a beat when I saw these shiny leather All-Stars. I mean, I HAD to get them both, no!? I have such a huge problem saying no to sneakers, and their selection is so big that I had to stop myself from buying even MORE! I’m usually super impatient which is why I rarely shop online, but the shoes arrived at my doorstep 2 days later so can you say SCORE?!

That being said, since it’d be super egoistic if I’m the only one getting something out of this, I thought I’d so something a bit out of the box (or should I say, out of the blog) and do a little sneaker face-off! And it all starts today! Seeing as the weather was horrible lately and didn’t want to risk getting my brand new and shiny best friends all dirty – see unlike 90’s kicks, millenial chicks like their sneakers #OHSOWHITE and #CLEAN – I shot me trying them on for the first time! But don’t you worry, the upcoming posts will be all about taking them from the sheets to the streets, so I will definitely show you how I will style them, too!

Before it’s time to walk the walk, this is me talking the talk!

So what’s your take – Team #STAN or Team #CHUCK?!







_ZARA shoes (SIMILAR)_H&M jeans,coat, cap_MONKI dress (HERE)_VINTAGE sweater_

Damn Anni, back at it again with the striped shirts! Or striped dresses, that is!

I’m back today with my current staple look – ripped denim (or leather pants), striped long-shirt (aka dress), and a turtle neck thrown on top! Top it off with my favorite Zara leather booties, the H&M menswear coat I scored a while ago on sale, and some of my favorite accessories, and I’m good to go! You’d think working at a fashion magazine would inspire you to dress up and experiment every day, but the truth is that most of the time I’m just too busy or too damn exhausted to put any thought into my outfits! Rule number one when you’re a fashion intern? DON’T! WEAR! HEELS! (repeat after me!) Comfort is key, and as you can expect do run around cardio style some weeks, sneakers will be your new best friend!

Speaking of sneakers: I’m currently prepping a super fun blogpost and something a bit out of the comfort zone all about my favorite (new) sneakers, so you should definitely stay updated on my social channels and here on the blog! You might even have gotten a little sneak peak last night ;-) I honestly can’t wait for this grey-scale post-winter to be over and for spring to finally make a real comeback! As much as I like sweater-weather (I oddly really do), I’m super ready for SUN and LEATHERJACKETS and did I mention SUN?!

I’m pretty positive that as soon as it gets a bit warmer and the days are longer, I’ll be more up to shooting blogposts again…for now, I literally look the same on a daily basis! EXCEPT for my hair – the past weekend I finally got a long-overdue new do and I’m in love with it! My hair has gotten so long and unhealthy that I told my hairdresser to just chop – surprisingly, as it usually would kill me to even lose more than two centimeters! It’s also a lot lighter again, so we’re slowly but surely stepping towards the silver-scale ;-)

Well, as I’m kinda lost for (interesting) words today, I’ll stop the rambling here and will leave you to it! Go kick some ass, work hard, and HAPPY HUSTLING! <3





A couple of days ago, while on the train on my way back home to visit my parents for the weekend, I came across an article in i-D magazine discussing the photo homage to restless adolescence. i-D asked Chus Antón, the photographer, about the best part of growing up to which he responded the following:


“Getting your independence, living the way you want to and being surrounded by people you choose to be part of your life.”


Inevitably, they also asked him about the hardest part of growing up, and his honest response was this:


“Never being young again, we want to be forever young.”


To my surprise, I could relate to what he said in more ways that I would want to admit to myself, and I couldn’t help but wonder when independence stopped being enough? When making your own decisions about the people who deserve to be a part of your life and the clothes who deserve to be a part of our closet means ‘growing-up’, could the thing we’re really afraid of be ‘growing-out’?

Growing-out of clothes that once fit, growing-out of friendships that fit even better or even worse – both?

The more I thought about the dread and remorse of leaving behind parts of you that were supposed to fit forever, I also realized that, in many ways, friends can be just like clothes – finding the perfect fit is a life-long process, which is why we often hold on too long (literally) and squeeze ourselves into things that have grown too tight (figuratively). This is a story of fashion and friendships, and the fashion of friendships, a tale of toss and take, and the real reason why sweatpants are the keepers in our lives!

We all live our life in phases, and if you ask me, both growing-up and growing-out of things go hand in hand with the process of going through these stages as kids, teenagers and even adults. Something that always accompanies us, even through the most awkward moments of our being, are the three F’s: Family, Friends and Fashion (you might want to add Food to the list, but that’s beside the point – at least for today). I’m sure we’ve all looked back at outfits we wore or hairstyles we rocked and thought “what was I even thinking?” (In my case I admittedly thought I was Avril Lavigne for a while there). I’m also quite sure that we’ve all looked back at friendships with the same dreadful gut feeling, and if it wasn’t you yourself per se, I’m sure it was your mum (cue “my mama don’t like you and she likes everyone”…). For a long time I spent and wasted energy on regret, but you know what? I truly believe that every phase, every person, every punk-rock shirt and every patch-jeans deserved to be a part of your story, because there was a time and place in your life when it fit – either because you needed it to fit, or maybe because you thought that it would fit forever. That’s the thing about phases – to you there’s no end and there’s no beginning, simply because to you it’s not a phase. I was thoroughly convinced that I was punk for life, and my parents are thoroughly happy that I was wrong!

There are enough photos to demonstrate my teenage fashion finds, and an equal amount to document teenage friendships lost. Every year I go through my closet and try to get rid of clothes to make room for new ones. I’m not saying that the same should go for friendships, but I am saying that the similarities in doing both might surprise you.

You know what they say, “if you haven’t worn it for a year, let it go!” As much as I can be an avid follower of rules, this one I tend to ignore with a passion. During my closet clean-out session, I always, always, always find something that I haven’t worn in years – yet I keep it, somewhere in the deep ends of my closet. So why is it that we hold on to things that we’ve so obviously outgrown? Is it nonsense, or is it nostalgia? See clothes – and people – aren’t just that: they’re a surface, like a canvas, and our emotions and memories are the paint that we project onto it. So by throwing out an old pair of jeans, or showing an old pair of friends the exit, we fear saying goodbye to their luggage, the histories, inside-jokes and our biggest hopes that they’re carrying. Or why do you think I’ll never toss my graduation sweater?

The rare times I actually make room for more in the sacred depths of my closet, I sometimes leave the comfort zone of my (sweat-)pants and broaden my horizon, to come home with new pieces just to realize that they’re possibly the best thing I’ve ever owned, and to question what I wore every day of my life before. Funny enough, doesn’t the same exact thing happen to us with people sometimes? That we meet someone, friend, lover or both, and ask ourselves how we possible ever lived without them? Like finding the perfect pants can be a game-changer for your style, finding the perfect person can be a life-changer for sure – no matter when or where they enter your life, it’s up to you to make sure they don’t exit.

Which brings me to the essence of it all: just like outgrowing clothes is normal, outgrowing friends is no less natural. As we grow up, some pieces (and some people) don’t grow with us. They become too tight, take away our ability to breathe, or stop making us feel good about ourselves. And that is the time to say our goodbyes and raise the TOSS sign, because – in fashion and friendships – there’s so much more out there to TAKE. As Chus Antón said, the best thing about growing up is being surrounded by people you choose to be a part of your life. This is the gift of independence, and an asset of living your life the way you want to. While that could mean spending the majority of your weekend in sweatpants and binge-watch your latest tv addiction on Netflix, it also means that you get to spend the ups and downs of it all with the people equivalent – those people that are a perfect fit, highlight all your ass(ets) and bring out the best in you, literally embracing (and sometimes hiding) your flaws, making you feel like your confident badass self! Those are the real keepers, and to go full-circle here, the sweatpants of our lives!

Sweatpants are the ones that have seen us at our best and our worst. They’re friendships of both mutual support and mutual chaos. Not only are they the ones we gravitate to after a happy, sad, long, short, emotional day – they’re also always there. They’ve seen it all, and they’ve been there, non-judgy, while you where sobbing into an ice-cream pint or crying with laughter over last night’s shenanigans, fell asleep next to a pizza carton or lost sleep over the latest episode of pretty little liars, enjoying someone else’s or your own damn company. Sweatpants are awesome. Karl Lagerfeld once said, whoever wears sweatpants has given up on his life. While I usually practice everything that KL preaches, in this case I beg to differ: I say sweatpants are both for when you give up, and when you get up again to kick some ass! They’re comfortable, supportive, and make you feel at ease. Sweatpants leave you room to breathe and always, always leave room for another slice of Pizza. They know the messy parts, stripping away the layers we choose to let show that are covering up our core.

Because the truth is, while many friends might know our history, only the best ones know our heart. 



.:: N O S T A L G I A ::.



Missing a place is like missing a person. You can be okay for 364 days a year and then pang, it hits you with such a force that all you want to do is board the next plane and hear their voice – or in this case, their noise! New York and Nostalgia are a done deal – you can’ve have one without the other! I’m sure everyone who’s been there, or better, lived there knows what I’m talking about. This weekend the force of NYC hit me again, and listening to this didn’t exactly make it better. There is no other song in the world that gives me goosebumps every time – but then again, there’s no other place in the world like New York!